You enter the room... loud music, wood floor, smiles to spare, and a feeling of relaxation and wonder enter your heart. The friends you came with have left you to observe the scenery all around while they search for their first dance of the night. You notice the confidence that enters each individual at different moments of the song; they all share the same thing. Love.

When people first get into salsa, they fall in love with social dancing. They see people twirling and smiling, showing off fancy feet and graceful arms as they connect with friends new and old. They see the enjoyment in the eyes of the performers and even more-so in the spectators of the crowd.  They feel their heart start to race, the hairs on their skin stand up, or even the innate reaction of clapping and "wooo-hooing" with the excitement of a child.  When performers engage in the festivities after, they are no longer just talented, inspiring people on a stage, they become just like you and me.  They become so real that they inspire reachable goals and endless possibilities. The right teacher will lead thier student into an understanding of movement in such a way that the student falls right into where he/she wishes to be.  The perfect dance will push the envelope of timing; create moving pictures on a stage and form friendships that surpass the music.  Pura Vintage is all about that movement, connection, instruction, music and friendship.  So this year, #loveyoself and join the movement!!!