Ernesto Bulnes and Denisse Cambria

Denisse has accomplished many of her life goals starting with becoming one of the most well-known and recognized “Salsa” dancers in Florida, USA. She has taught and performed with many top dance companies including Shaka Brown, Jayson Molina, Al “Liquidsilver”, Casa Salsa Dance Studio, Salsa Lovers Dance Studio, Project Generation, Energy One, Salsa Heatwave and Salsa Mia. She also competed at the ESPN World Salsa Championships with her partner Alfredo DiNatale. In 2014, she moved to New York to dance for Yamulee Dance Company under the direction of Osmar Perrones.


Ernesto has traveled and trained with renowned instructors and performers, and was also under the guidance of Marisol Blanco, the internationally renowned dance performer and instructor at the Superior Institute of of Art in Havana, Cuba. Ernesto has shared his knowledge in various countries such as Italy, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Canada, and many more. He continued to hone his craft for over two years as a principal dancer in Yamulee Dance Company based in New York, NY under the direction of Osmar Perrones.

After a total of 10 years of dancing salsa, They  continues to enrich their craft together, creating dynamic and exciting works of art. They also compete with the current large team World Champions, The New York Movement.


Elvis and Brianna

Elvis Collado and Brianna Rios are professional salsa dancers from New York City. They perform, teach, and compete around the globe. Their partnership commenced in 2013 and within two years, the duo has already proclaimed several titles both nationally and internationally. In 2014, after just dancing together a year, Elvis and Brianna won their first world championship. They took home first place in the Professional On2 division at the World Salsa Summit in Miami. Becoming popularly known as "BRIEL", they have become a world renown name that synonyms to both technique and fun. They hope to inspire others to train and work hard because they believe that no matter what, everything is achievable.

















Ana Masacote

Ana “Masacote” Tinajero, an international ambassador of Latin dance and music, has more than 20 years of experience as an instructor, dancer, and choreographer. She has loved dancing since childhood, and she began her formal dance training with folkloric dance at age 5 and Salsa at age 15. She believes that through dance, we can break down cultural barriers while we learn to better understand ourselves, and each other. She co-founded Masacote Entertainment with Joel Masacote in 2003 and has since spread the salsa bug to more than 30 countries across 5 continents. Ana was a recipient of the 2015 New England Salsa Music Award for lifetime achievement in dance and is an alumna of the 2015 Goldman Sachs 10KSB National Program.


Ben and Sophia

Benjamin Cartagena and Sophia Marzan have been gracing the stages across the U.S. for over 8 years together with their infectious energy, strength and agility. Well known for their Dance Company, Salsa Synergy, they teach and coach students of every level into reaching their goals. With over 15 years of  training between the two of them in Salsa and other techniques, they influence a whole generation of dancers in Central Florida to push themselves to "Train Insane or Remain the Same".  


Kat Arias

Kat Arias is currently the director of multiple bachata performance teams based in DC. She is primarily known as the Owner and Managing Director of the Ferocity Dance Company located in Falls Church, VA. She is the organizer of the Masters of Bachata Takeover weekender events and teaches her style of bachata (coined: FIERCE-chata) at various Congresses, Festival and special events on the National, and International level. She has received certifications to teach Bachata Sensual by Korke and Judith from Spain, and Traditional Bachata, Level 1 by Alex Morel and Desirèe Godsell from NY. She is available for private lessons, coaching, as well as workshops on the National and International level.

Melanie Castillo

Melanie Castillo, born and raised in New York, is known for her powerful footwork and her presence on the dance floor. She illuminates the stage with her ability to put movement to sound in such a way that resembles the radiance of the composer. Of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent, Melanie began her formal training at the age of 5 at Rising Stars Dance Studio where she was introduced to ballet, jazz, tap, and other forms of dance. She studied salsa at the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio, which ultimately propelled her career into working with Sekou McMiller, Nelson Flores, Anya Katsevman, Tito and Tamara, Billy Fajardo, Elvis Collado and Ismael Otero. Melanie is part of the dynamic duo "Las Damas", and the Founder of the Candela Dance Company, which hold the current 2017 title for the Female Pro Team Category in The Salsa Summit Competition.

Orlando Machuca

There are not enough words to properly introduce Orlando. He has Been heavily involved in the evolution of the DC Salsa Scene for over 13 years. Teaching beginners is his specialty at such staple venues as The Salsa Room and Cafe Citrón. Orlando is an outstanding Promoter to all the events he attends, performs or teaches at. He's an MC unmatched in Charisma with an Aura that can be seen miles away. 

Alejandro De Armas

Born in La Habana, Cuba, Alejandro is no stranger to Latin movement. He moved to Miami at the young age of 11 with his parents, and began working hard towards his goals. His trained in salsa with the world renowned Salsa Lovers in Miami, joining their traveling Professional company, where he still works, teaches and promotes for since 2006.